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About Us

How it began...

It all started with just an idea to build an e-solution that will assist youth in pursuit of acquiring skills of all kinds. The Standard of Education has persistently become more demanding and competitive over the years. What is taught in schools, colleges and universities today is no longer sufficient. A little extra aid has become not just welcome, but a must.

Following an extensive research on what concerns and difficulties people are facing in acquiring the required training, we have found the problem no longer contained to or experienced by students alone. Professionals from all fields are now expected to stay abreast of emerging methodologies and technologies for implementation every other day.

After thorough Research and Planning…

We came up with the solution, GyanFinder - a training network that will provide a global platform for people to teach and learn anything they want.

But we were not satisfied, we did not want to create just another training platform, we wanted to give our users something more. After all, we are Indian; we need spice, not just in our food.

With growing popularity of online interaction and the love people share for websites like Facebook and Twitter, we decided to integrate our training platform with that of social networking. It will give our users an opportunity to not just impart and acquire knowledge but also socialize with those of learning interests.


A Recognized Structure…

Once the planning and requirement analysis of the product- GyanFinder has been asserted, we needed an organized structure confirming to all the legalities, a recognized organization under which people could work. In this effort, we established the company – Gyan Web Solutions Pvt Ltd. on December 2010 in Hyderabad, Telangana.


How Gyan Web Solutions formed…

An idea, a simple desire to assist the society has now grown into an Organization with a Board of Directors of four, governing Technical, Finance, Marketing and Human Resource departments and a group of qualified professionals working under them. Together, we are Gyan Wizards.

For past one year, we, with enthusiastic support from our employees have been diligently working on launching the first product- GyanFinder from our company.

In addition to social training network, we at Gyan Web Solutions aspire to build many scalable web-based products that are affordable and that will aid the society by improving and easing processing jobs in everyday lives.