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The idea of learning and teaching is boundless and we at Gyan believe that you should not be limited by geography or country. Since the time of Gurukulas were established, teaching and learning have always been a top down approach – learn what is taught at the institutes of higher education.

Here at Gyan we tend to think different – send us what you want to learn and let the Wizards get to work to find you the best source. We aspire to position ourselves as your only resource for a Social training network – whatever, where ever and whenever you want!


Learn at the convenience of your home and your private space.

  • Web-based rooms with interaction built in.
  • Ask a question or answer a question
  • Ask for a training and the Gyan Wizards will scout it for you


If you would like to teach from Spanish to Math,

  • Be anywhere in the world and get paid for your skills from gardening to music
  • Ask a question or answer a question Interact with your students online
  • Global audience with Local presence


What exactly is GyanFinder?

We, Gyan wizards are endeavoring to redefine training and the way students interact with the teachers. We are looking to change how Gyan or Knowledge is shared.

Classrooms are not enough and social media is in! Sharing is fun and going social is awesome-bring friends from Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin and come join us for a sample ride. We promise you will enjoy the ride and learn a few things along the way.